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Spilt Strap – Neoprene Camera Strap Review

As far as camera accessories go a camera strap is not as sexy as a prime lens with an über wide aperture or a carbon fibre tripod. But if your camera, lens and flash combination is above a certain weight a comfortable camera strap is a must. I find it quite surprising that straps that come with high end DSLRs are really cheap, uncomfortable and tend to be more of a camera advert than a strap.

split strap attached to DLSR camera

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Cheap photography accessories / photographic gift suggestions

Photography as a hobby can be expensive but it does not have to be, which is great news for people looking to get a camera related gift for a photography obsessed acquaintance. I have put together a little list of cheap camera accessories and photography-related items. Everything on the list is under £14 ($20). For your convenience I have added links to Amazon’s UK and US sites for most of the items. If you wanted to spend a little more you could of course look at some of my books or prints. You could of course go crazy and send someone on one of my photo courses, but if you budget won’t stretch that check out my bargain suggestions below:

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