Spilt Strap – Neoprene Camera Strap Review

As far as camera accessories go a camera strap is not as sexy as a prime lens with an über wide aperture or a carbon fibre tripod. But if your camera, lens and flash combination is above a certain weight a comfortable camera strap is a necessity. I find it quite surprising that straps that come with high end DSLRs are really cheap, uncomfortable and tend to be more of a camera advert than a strap.

split strap attached to DLSR camera

Around 2004 when I got my first heavy camera body (Canon EOS 1 film) I got an awesome neoprene camera strap from Jessops. The Strap managed to outlast Jessops and I used it with several cameras. After 10 years some of the plastic parts started to split so it was time to find a replacement, luckily for me I discovered the Split Strap. I’ve been using the Split Strap for 6 months with my 2.5kg (5.5lb) DSLR + lens and have found it really comfortable.

One third of the Split Strap’s 1.1m length is neoprene (the same stretchy stuff wetsuits are made from) which means when you walk the camera bounces slightly which takes some strain off your neck. The Spilt Strap comes with two sets of attachments which allows you to swap the strap between two cameras quickly. Anyone that has tried to move a strap from one camera to another knows how fiddly it can be so this is a nice little touch. An added bonus of the quick release is that the strap can be removed once the camera is placed on a tripod, I’ve found a strap can sometimes flap in the wind which can vibrate a camera which is not good when shooting a long exposure or time-lapse.

split strap quick release system

The bulky neropen part of the strap can quickly be removed using the quick release system.

Because the ends of the strap are detachable it means attaching them to a camera is really easy. The ends of the strap are simply looped through themselves. Usually with a one part strap you have to put the ends of the strap through a small buckle, then through the camera and finally throw the buckle again.

split strap close up attached to camera

If you have a small hybrid camera or entry level DSLR with a kit lens you probably won’t need a Spilt Strap. If on the other hand you find you get a neck ache from your standard strap I could not recommend the Split Strap more for the price.

The Split Strap is available from Photojojo for $25.00 (£15).

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4 Responses to Spilt Strap – Neoprene Camera Strap Review

  1. Joel says:

    Hi Kevin, long time lover of your work. Quick question, have you compared it with the range from Sun Sniper? I’ve used theirs for 18 months and love it but also get asked by friends a fair bit what they recommend.

    Cheers, Joel

    • lomokev says:

      I had not heard of Sun Sniper until you mentioned them now. I had a quick look on Amazon and there products range from £40 – £90 which way more than $25 for the split strap. Sun Sniper seem to going for that attached to the tripod thread thing. The look good but expensive. Don’t know whether there all theft proof but one I checked out can’t be cut with a knife. Cool stuff.

  2. I always replace my straps on the cameras as your right the ones that come with them are so bad, I use a LowProwe one that has a little pocket on the strap for Memory cards. Which is great if you shoot a lot like me as you know you always have one handy.

    I can’t recommend enough for people to change their strap.

    Oh and great line about it outlasting Jesspos.

    Nice post.

    • lomokev says:

      It’s always seemed nuts to me that you can pay £1000+ for a camera and the strap that comes with it might was well be made out of chicken wire. Also don’t like the idea of people behind you know that you are carrying a 5D mark iii. I was quite proud of the Jessops line glad you picked up on it.

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