Two Hours on Croyde Bay Building a Sandcastle Time-lapse

In June of this year I shot a time-lapse that I deemed a failure after I first shot it. The original idea was to build a sandcastle and time it just right so that it would capture the incoming tide washing the castle away. Unfortunately I misjudged the tide line and the sea stopped five meters short of our castle. I left the camera running and it captured some kids destroying the castle which worked out well in the end. The sound on this time-lapse is from John Sipos, I found it on an awesome copyright free sound website called

I also got a killer frame of one child swinging a spade at another. That kind of image would be really hard to capture if I were behind the camera but because the camera looked like it was unattended everyone ignored it. It makes me think there are new photographic possibilities around controlling cameras remotely with Smartphones and tablets.

children fighting on a beach

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2 Responses to Two Hours on Croyde Bay Building a Sandcastle Time-lapse

  1. Great video Kevin, Come on down to the NW Gulf Coast of Florida and we can teach you all to make “taller” sandcastles.

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