Featured “Analogue Tribes” Article in the The Quarterly Magazine

Quarterly Magazine is an Ethical publication in that once it has covered its costs the profit from selling the issues is divided between everyone involved in the issue. The second issue’s printing was covered by a Kickstarter campaign and they don’t carry any advertising, it’s just pure wall to wall content.

The Quarterly Magazine Analogue Tribes`

I was featured in an article about analogue tribes, along with a bunch of other photographers because of our use of film in a digital age. I was in good company as one of the photographers featured was Travis Hodges who runs Photo Forum. Also featured was Heinz Boesch who now works at the Impossible Project. I bumped into Heinz at the The Quarterly launch night, he used to work at Lomography and it turned out he met at a Lomography event 10 years ago in Viana, small world.

You can get yourself a copy of The Quarterly on their website.

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