TriggerTrap’s LapseWorld Time-lapse Film

In October I took part in TriggerTrap’s LapseWorld, a crowd sourced time-lapse shot in multiple locations around the world. At the London event TriggerTrap asked me to give a short introduction to time-lapse photography for the benefit of people who were new to time-lapse. In Total 40 photographers in 5 cities shot 65,000 images which made 45 minutes of time-lapse footage.

The footage form all the photographers has been edited into a short film featuring all cities, there are also five other films for each city. I shot sequences of Carnaby Street, China Town, The London Eye, The South Bank Book Market and the Thames. See if you can spot my segments in the London film below.

TriggerTrap is an app and cable which turns an iPhone or an Android phone into a camera trigger. I use TriggerTrap for time-lapse triggering but it’s really versatile. It can trigger a camera when it detects sound, vibrations or light. There are to many features to list here, you’re best taking a look at TriggerTrap’s site to see what it’s capable of. Best part is it’s only £30 so it’s an ideal christmas gift for a photo nerd.

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