A tail of two Pens (Olympus Pens)


Last Mouth Olympus user magazine got legendary rock photographer Jill Furmanovsky and me to compare and contrast the new Olympus Pen E-P1 with a 40 year old Olympus Pen EE 2. We where let loose in London’s Borough Market to shot for an hour or so and then we compared notes. If you ever in the London Bridge area you must check out Borough Market I can’t recommend it enough as a grate place to shot in. I am defiantly going back there at some point with my lomo.

Jill’s conclusion was that the old pen was little limiting. One of the limiting factors is that you can’t focus because the focusing is fixed, you have to shot everything from a distance of 1.5 meters or more. It also had only one shutter speed and it was not obvious what it was but from the sound of the shutter Jill reckoned it was 1/60th. What most impressed me was that the aperture was automatic even though there is no batteries! Jill was shooting with a lot of limitations on the flip side of the coin I wish I had just stuck to one mode when shooting so that my shots had more constancy. I am used to the limiting factors of the Lomo LCA so using the Olymous Pen EP-1 is a bit like being like a kid in a candy shop! You can read my full review of the Olympus Pen EP-1 here.

There is a video of Jill and me in action on the olympus user web site. Olympus user magazine is subscription only magazine so unfortunately it will be a bit tricky to hold of a copy of the magazine with the article in it as it was out at the beginning of the mouth.


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  1. jack says:

    which of the lens u most used? 17mm looks nice? how bout ur setting on ur ep-1?

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