Brighton swimming pictures used to promote Nouvelles Vagues exhibition at the Palais Da Tokyo in Paris

Three of my photographs of Brighton Swimming Club have been used to promote Nouvelles Vagues (New Waves) at Palais De Tokyo. The images are not used in the exhibition itself, the usage was arranged months ago and by coincidence Samsung brought me out to Paris just at the right time to see the images in situ.

Palais Da Tokyo posters in Paris

The images are used on three billboard posters outside the exhibition, printed materials for the show and online. It’s quite nice seeing a little slice of Brighton life being used to promote contemporary art in Paris.


Nouvelles Vagues Palais de Tokyo website

The exhibition itself is a huge group show that is organised by over twenty international curators. I reckon the exhibition space is twice the size of the Haywood in London, it’s a real varied mixture of work from video to installation and sculpture. If you’re in Paris before the 9th September I highly recommend you visit, you will probably need an hour and half to see everything in the exhibition. I had to do it in 30 minutes because of lack of time and needing to get my flight home.

Below are the original images used, you can see more of my Brighton Swimming Club photos in these portfolios on my site: Brighton Swimming Club and Swimming in the snow.

Brighton beach - December 2009

Swimmer lying in snow after a swim in the sea on Brighton beach

One happy swimmer

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