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Paris Samsung NX speed event

A few weeks ago I was in Paris for the Samsung NX speed event. I was there following some Facebook voting after a similar event I attended in the UK. I’d just like to say thanks for all the people that voted for me, without your votes I would not have been there! It was a fun filled three days where we got see Usain Bolt sprint and DJ, check out racing at Le Mans and see the sights of Paris (check out the photos below). As well as all the Parisian fun we also got the chance to see some of Samsung’s new camera products which you can read about here. All the photos below were taken on a Samsung NX300 (read my NX300 review).

Arc de Triomphe during the golden hour

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Sneak peak at the Samsung Galaxy NX and Galaxy S4 Zoom

Last month I was at a Samsung press event in Paris for there latest photographic devices (read about what else I was up to in Paris). There was a lot to check out, but what really stood out for me were the Samsung Galaxy NX and Galaxy Zoom. I only played with them for a few minutes each but I can say they are some of the easiest to use cameras I have ever handled.

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Brighton swimming pictures used to promote Nouvelles Vagues exhibition at the Palais Da Tokyo in Paris

Three of my photographs of Brighton Swimming club have been used to promote Nouvelles Vagues (New Waves) at Palais De Tokyo. The images are not used in the exhibition itself, the usage was arranged months ago and by coincidence Samsung brought me out to Paris just at the right time to see the images in situ.

Palais Da Tokyo posters in Paris

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