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Evolution of the Lomo LC-A to the LC-M, LC-A+, LC-Wide and now the LC-A 120

The lomo LC-A was introduced to the Soviet Union in 1984 as a camera for the people. The idea was to design a camera that anyone could use, lomo took inspiration from the Japanese Cosina CX-2 and toned down the Japanese design with some communist magic. The LC-A was the camera that changed the way I thought about photography as it gave me a lot of creative freedom, the fact I could take it anywhere and that it could be used in low light was a game changer at the time. It seems funny now but when I got my LC-A in 1998 there was not much to choose from if you wanted a half decent camera that could fit in your jean pocket. Compared with the proliferation of camera phones now it seems quite bizarre, compact digital cameras did not exist and they did not become affordable until 2003.

Lomo LC-A along side the new Medium format Lomo LC-120

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Sneak peak at the Samsung Galaxy NX and Galaxy S4 Zoom

Last month I was at a Samsung press event in Paris for there latest photographic devices (read about what else I was up to in Paris). There was a lot to check out, but what really stood out for me were the Samsung Galaxy NX and Galaxy Zoom. I only played with them for a few minutes each but I can say they are some of the easiest to use cameras I have ever handled.

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Lytro announce their first cameras

I wrote about Lytro being set up a while ago but last week they announced there product line up and specs of there forth coming cameras. Lytro is a company that is bringing  cameras to market that uses a technology called “light field photography”. The cameras capture light in a different way to a normal camera, as if by magic once a photo is taken the focus can be changed.

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