Casetagram review – Create bespoke iPhone / Smartphone cases with your Instagram images

As I have a newly replaced iPhone due to mechanical failure, I thought it a good idea to get a new case (nothing to do with the use of the DriSuit I might add). I tried out a Casetagram iPhone case to keep my iPhone looking shiny and new. Casetagram enables you to create bespoke smartphone and iPad cases with your own images printed on them. According to research your wallet is far more likely to get handed in if lost if there is a picture of a baby inside. I figured I would use Instagram shots of my daughter to create a montage – not quite baby photos, but it might increase the chances of my phone being returned if lost.

Casetergam iPhone Case

The case is like most standard clip on cases, the printing is great quality with a matt finish. The image is moulded to the shape of the case so it flows into the hole where the camera is and to the edges of the case. It’s hard to describe but it’s almost as if the image is under a layer of plastic rather than sitting on the surface of the case, I don’t think the image will wear down any time soon.

Creating your case could not be easier, there is a choice of using an iOS app or website. It’s quick to get started as you can sign in with Facebook or Instagram.  When creating a design you can use one image or choose from one of Casetagram’s montage templates. Once a template is selected it’s a simple task of scrolling through your images and dragging the ones you want into the relevant place on the template. This is a little easier on the iOS app as you preselect images before the design stage, then you only drag and drop from a limited pool. On the desktop version you have to select from all your images from a small strip on the bottom of the screen.

Castergram iPhone app

Castergram iPhone app

Once the images are in your design they can be rotated and enhanced with filters by just double tapping / clicking them. What bugged me a little is there is no option to flip images –  any graphic designer will know that this is essential so that photos will work with certain layouts.

Casetagram desktop website

Casetagram desktop website

Making the case was quick and easy and you can put a case together in as little as 10 minutes. What’s really missing is the ability to edit your finished designs once they’re completed. Currently, if you want to tweak a design you have to start over once you have completed it. I’ve been told that the ability to change designs is going to be added soon, that said it’s only a minor grumble.

Cases for iPhones, iPod Touches, Samsung phones and Nexus 4 range from $34.95 to $39.95 depending on what model you have.  iPad cases are $54.95, shipping for all products is free worldwide. Create yours at

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