Hipstamatics exhibition hits London

Last night I checked out the opening of the Hipstamatics Exhibition at the Orange Dot Gallery, London. It’s a crowd sourced exhibition made up of Hipstamatic shots submitted from all around the world to hipstamatics.com. Hipstamatic is one of the most popular iPhone photography applications. It emulates the look and feel of film with a variety of digital filters, lenses and flashes that in turn soups up you saturation, dulls down the tones or add scratchy edges to your images.

There are hundreds of pictures all the same size (roughly 6″ x 6″) on display. The exhibition reminds me of the old Lomo shows that used to happen in the late 90’s at the Lomo Galley on Rosebery Avenue (i’m old school). As far as I could tell none of it was for sale, its just there to be seen, which is cool. The show is open until the 11th February.

When at any Private view I always take a few shots so I can post them online later and as it was a Hipstamatic show I thought that I’d just use my iPhone. Below is a shot that I quite liked although you can’t really tell it was taken at the show, but there you go.

The Orange Dot galley is at:
54 Tavistock Place

You may have until the 11th February to see the Hipstamatics show but you only have until the 21st of January to see Martin Parr’s new show Black County Stories in Birmingham. Go see it before it’s too late read more in this post.

While I am on the subject of photographic iPhone apps I recently wrote a post about a new app called Instagram which is going for Hipstamatic’s crown. Last thing I heard is that it gained 1 million register users in its first two months. Instagram is also a social network so if you sign up or are already a user check me out – my user name, as always, is lomokev. The shot below was taken on the night with a nifty little app called “See This!“. See This! lets you take a panorama by just panning the iPhone around (no need to take single shots) and once you captured what you want with it you can stitch it together in different ways like below.

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7 Responses to Hipstamatics exhibition hits London

  1. pete* says:

    if you like to take panoramas on your iphone “360 panorama” is the best ive found!


  2. Gabrielle says:

    Check me out on tumblr and instagram! Great article about the exhibit, I so wish I could have gone…..I am one of the lucky featured photographers!

  3. dave says:

    I visited the gallery, I was the only one there at the time. I was very impressed by the creativity on display, if not a little disappointed by the resolution. I imagine that some of the images were taken on the 3.2 MP iPhone 3G and this might explain why they didn’t scale well to 6×6. I am very keen to print and display my iPhone images – the “Spool” app will be brilliant when it supports 1:1 images! and I love Instagram but the output seems low res – fine for an iPhone screen but not print worthy. I hope this is addressed in an update! I’d also like the option to lose the faux-film borders… Cheers Kev

  4. Thanks for the great write-up! One of my prints is in the show, but I’m bound to the colonies at present and won’t get to see it on display. Thanks for your thorough coverage!

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