MiniClick Photo Illustration collaboration with Eloise Dorr

For the most part everything MiniClick does is free and all the people that work for it do so on a voluntary basis. MiniClick is a Brighton based organisation that puts on free Photography events if you want to know more you can read my brief MiniClick history.

kevin meredith eloise dorr lores MiniClick photo illustration

Kevin Meredith (photo) Eloise Dorr collaboration. Purchase it here. See original image on Flickr

As part of a fundraising drive MiniClick asked 14 photographers including me to donate an image and then 14 illustrators were asked to add their work to them. My photo of a jubilant swimmer was sent to Eloise Dorr. You can purchase a one off print of Eloise Dorr’s and my collaboration from Miniclick’s shop.

You can see all the prints that are for sail at MiniClick’s shop. Some of my other favorites from other photographers and illustrators are below.

Ewen Spencer Chloe Batchelor MiniClick illustration photo

Ewen Spencer (photo) Chloe Batchelor collaboration. This one is already sold.

Murray Ballard and Craig Hopson Photo illustration

Murray Ballard (photo) Craig Hopson collaboration. Purchase it here.

If you were a UK child of the 90s one MiniClick event you can’t miss is their screening of the BBC’s controversial Ghost Watch with a Q&A with Stephen Volk (Writer), Lesley Manning (Director) and Rich Lawden. This event is a ticketed event due to being screened in at Dukes at Komedia.

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