November Source street style motanges

I just submitted my last set of street style pictures of 2010 to the Source Magazine for the December issue. I will be having a little break from judging people in the street as the next issue after December will be the 2011 February issue. Because of this people are going to have to dress up extra special to catch my eye as I have a full two months to get the next set of shots. Time for Brighton to up their game! I’m actually quite glad I don’t have to shoot for Source this month as I am busy the next four weekends, both with the last Hot Shots course of 2010 and a Christmas Open House (more on that later).

If you want to try out this style of shooting your self check out the article I wrote in my book photo op / 52 photographic projects about how to shoot your own montage portraits. You can download that chapter as a PDF here. If you want to get the other 51 chapters you can find out how here.

Below are all the shots for the November Issue Plus the unused images larger than you have ever scene the before (unless you came to my Beyond Retro show):

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