PE lesson at the London Photographers Gallery

It’s been a while since one of my email updates, I’ve been really busy on lots of projects so I’ve not had time to write a regular updates. This is just a quick email to let you know that I will be teaching a PE lesson at the Photographers Gallery London on Sunday June 19th . MiniClick is turning one of the rooms at the Photographers Gallery in to a school for the ‘School of MiniClick‘ from Friday the 17th to Sunday the 18th. Lots of different photography related lessons will be taking place.

Mr Baxter - Grange Hill's PE teacher

Mr Baxter – Grange Hill’s PE teacher

I regularly combine physical activity with photography weather that be in my work documenting Brighton Swimming Club were I swim and shoot at the same time or when I climbed a 138m vertical ladder to shoot photos from the top of the British Airways i360. My lesson will have a little theory and then there will be some physical photographic tasks including some none contact fuji Instax wrestling. There can only be 10 people taking part in the lesson but spectators are most welcome. Email if you want to take part in my lesson, you can find out more details on all the lessons taking place on the MiniClick website here.

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