Texas here I come. yeeHa!

Its Phoot Camp time again and Pictory Mag recently announced 2011 attendees. If you don’t know what Phoot Camp is you can check out my previous posts about here and yours truly is in the line up again!

As part of 2011 application process potential Phoot campers had to submit a self portrait. I have been having a bit of a crazy time lately so only realized the deadline was 36 hours away after giving a talk in London! That evening and in the following morning (in golden hour loveliness) I set about shooting a few self self portraits. I shot 2 montage portraits on my Lomo LCA of my self witch are an evolution of my other montage portraits. A collage of different self portraits on different backgrounds and a 2 digital shots. I submitted the montage shot below but in hindsight  think I prefer the topless one.

Check the shot I submitted and the ones I did not below. Click on the images below to be taken to the respective Flickr pages.

fragmented self #2

While in Texas I want to chew some tobacco, eat some fine BBQ ribs and shot some guns but no all at the same time! Also While I am there I would like to run one of my Hot Shots courses on the 11th and 12th June in Austin TX. There has been a little interest but I need a little more to make it viable. If you think that you might be interested get in touch!

fragmented self #1

multiple colored mes

refelcted me

shocked me

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2 Responses to Texas here I come. yeeHa!

  1. jay keaveny says:

    i’m interested in the bootcamp in austin, but not for the price. i studied photography in college so i think i’m pretty set on majority of what you teach. if anything i’m very interested in at least hanging out and going on photo adventure(s)!!

  2. James says:

    Have fun in Marfa. I was there a couple of summers back and it’s a great part of the world. It’s been almost two years exactly since I was there and it’s been almost two years exactly that I’ve been dreaming of going back. I don’t know anyone who goes out there just once.

    It’s unfortunate that they’ve had such terrible wild fires in the area the last few months, but I think they’re contained now. Hopefully your itinerary includes visits to Prada Marfa and the Balmorhea swimming hole. And maybe you’ll get lucky and see the Marfa Lights!

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