Pictory mag secrets of inspiring women

A photo of my wife Sarah has been used as part of Pictory’s latest showcase “Secrets of Inspiring Women“.  Pictory launched almost one year ago to the day. It lists themes on it’s website and invites their users to submit a picture and text around the themes. Usually a guest curator will pick between 20 – 30 images to be shown on the site. So far I have had images displayed in the themes “Local Flavour” and “Overseas and Overwhelmed“.

chips on the beach#1

You may also recognize the above photo from the cover on my book Hot Shots. Along with my shot photos from my friends and fellow Phoot Campers: Paul Octavious, Lauren Randolph and Mona T. Brooks also have images in the Inspiring Women show case.

Everyone needs a bit of Pictory in their life so why not sign up or you could always follow their twitter and / or their Tumbler blog.

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