Pummelvision (offline since 2012) is a new tool from one of the creators of Vimeo. For those of you that don’t know, Vimeo is a posher version of YouTube where comments are no where near as rude! Pummelvision is dead simple, it pulls up the last 2500 of you latest images from either your Flickr, Facebook or Tumbler account and then makes them into a video which is either sent to Vimeo or YouTube. Check out my Pummelvision video below.

My Pummelvision from lomokev on Vimeo.

As I have way more than 2500 images in my Flickr account my Pummelvision video starts with the first Brighton naked bike ride in June 2006, a full one and half years after I started my flickr account! It does take a little time, my video was ready after 1 day. If you like this get yourself over to Pummelvision and make your own Pummelvision video.

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3 Responses to Pummelvision

  1. JustNoey says:

    Kevin this looks wicked! What an amazing retrospective of your work!

  2. Darren says:

    Just done mine… it’s fantastic seeing how my photography has improved over the last four years. But even better watching two kids get bigger….

  3. Nizam says:

    i done mine.well,quite okay for me coz i aint got much photos in my acct.maybe i should upload more to my flickr and create new one

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