Three recently acquired photographic publications by Jim Mortram, MiniClick and Tom Groves

Below are three Photographic publications I have recently purchased. I should buy more photographic books, but rest assured when I do purchase a photo book / zine it’s always of the highest quality.

Electric Tears and All their Portent, MiniClick publication #2 & In the Box

In The Box, MiniClick Publication #2 & Electric Tears and All their Portent

Jim Mortram’s Electric Tears and All their Portent

This limited edition (150) zine sold out in under 24 hours after going on sale. I was quite lucky to be online to see @JAMortram’s tweet announcing the start of the sale on Café Royal Books. This Zine is a collection photographs documenting Tilney1, an artist living with Schizotypal and Obsessive Compulsive disorders. Unfortunately you can no longer get your hands on this publication but you can pre-order his next Zine from 6am GMT Monday (19th August) morning. The next Zine: “Living with Epilepsy” documents two years of Simon who lives with Atonic epilepsy, profits from the signed copies will go to Epilepsy Action.

Jim Mortram - Electric Tears and All Their Portent

Jim Mortram – Electric Tears and All Their Portent

MiniClick publication #2

This is MiniClick’s portrait themed magazine with content from Tim Andrews, Jim Mortram, Portrait Salon and more. It’s limited to an edition of 200 and each copy is beautifully hand bound, numbered and signed by the person that bound it. Design is always of the highest quality when it comes to the MiniClick publication. There is also a great deal of attention paid to typography and the printing is amazing. Of course the writing and photography is incredible too. You can order a copy on MiniClick’s site.

MiniClick publication Two

MiniClick publication Two

In the Box by Tom Groves

I first wrote about Tom’s book in March 2013 when he was looking for crowdfunding to get production going – spoiler alert he hit his target and was able to get his book made. The book documents Subbuteo fanatics across Europe as they flick and celebrate their way to glory. “In the Box” is covered in the same material that Subbuteo cloth is made from, every little detail has been thought about. Because I was the first person to fund Tom’s Kickstarter he honored me by sending me 1 of 500, that’s right numero uno. Number one is gone but I bet there are plenty of nice numbers left: You can get your copy of “In the Box” from Tom’s site.

Tom Groves - In The Box

Tom Groves – In The Box

If those photo books zines interest you might also like three publications I purchased and wrote about towards the end of  last year.

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4 Responses to Three recently acquired photographic publications by Jim Mortram, MiniClick and Tom Groves

  1. Phil Lake says:

    Hi Kev. I think we have good taste! Already had In the Box and Electric Tears (cafe royal books are great) and this morning have just received MiniClick’s issue 2. Do you have copy 1 as mine is copy 2?! Cheers, Phil.

    • lomokev says:

      I have issue one and two but there my personal copies. I think you may be confused and think that I am officially linked to MiniClick. If you where sent the wrong edition you need to get in touch with MiniClick.

    • Phil Lake says:

      Hi Kev. No no! What I was saying was I have copy 2 of issue 2! I know your not linked with them. It’s a great little book, beautifully printed. Cheers, Phil

    • lomokev says:

      I have 167 of 200. I got mine on the launch night so don’t know why the number is so high.

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