Tim Andrews “Over The Hill” Montage Portrait

In 2013 I was lucky enough to be asked by Tim Andrews to shoot his portrait for his “Over The Hill project“. Since being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2005 at the age of 54 Tim has been on a mission to be photographed by different photographers. According to his blog the total number of photographers stands at 270. It’s an interesting role reversal where the subject of the photographs is the driving force behind the project.

Tim Andrews Over The Hill Duble Exposure By Kevin Meredith

Quite a lot of the portraits are of Tim naked, so as I had the option of shooting him naked we decided to drive out to Stanmer Park early one morning. I knew that I wanted to shoot Tim in my montage style but also try some other things.

Tim Andrews Over The Hill Dubble Exposures by Kevin Meredith

Tim Andrews double exposure set. I took the images of time in Stanmer Park rewound the film then shot it again in the nighttime in London.

If you are offended by nudity probably best that you don’t scroll down any further or click “Continue reading”.

In the couple of hours we spent together I got to know Tim a little better, I found out that he swims in the sea every morning at 6:30am in the summer. I would love to shoot him swimming in the sea next summer as that would be right up my street.

Tim Andrews Over The Hill Montage Portrait by Kevin Meredith

This is not actually the first time I have shot someone naked using my montage style. I shot Nick Sayers organizer of the Brighton Naked Bike in 2010.

I found it reassuring talking to Tim because of the way he has turned his diagnosis into something positive. He said that his life has lots of variety in it now because at least two times every month he is spending time with new people (photographers) in all sorts of different settings, not to mention his is constant contact with a lot of photographers arrange shoots.

Tim Andrews Over The Hill Lying Down By Kevin Meredith

It’s nice to join the group of photographers that have shot Tim, His blog is well worth delving into. There are quite a portraits from photographers I know including Emma CritchleyGiulia ZucchettiKristina Sälgvik, Travis Hodges and Luca Sage.

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