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Upcoming group exhibitions in March – May 2012

Over the next few months I will have work on display at three exhibitions, two in Brighton and one in Berkeley, California. The shows are: Analogue, Instaland and a good old Open House (but not my house).

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Brighton Christmas Day Swim 2011

I am a sea bather, I swim in the sea all year round without a wetsuit in temperatures as low as 4°C (39°F) and have been doing this for the past 8 years. For the most part I go swimming with my fellow members of the Brighton swimming club at 7:30AM when no one else is around to see our cold water exploits. Once a year that changes, on Christmas day the swimming club swims at 11am when it is joined by a large number of none club members, as many as 100 people enter the water. It’s not just the extra company we have in the water, we are also watched by over a 1000 people who line the beach and the groynes. Many of the swimmers don fancy dress costumes which, combined with the large crowds, makes it a fantastic event to document. The only problem is that it’s a very challenging environment to shoot in. I take my photos from the water with my Nikonos V water proof camera.

average christmas day fun
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Talk / Panel discussion at Fabrica as part of the Brighton Digital Festival

As part of the Brighton Digital festival I will be giving a short talk and then taking part in a panel discussion at the Fabrica Gallery on Wednesday the 14th of September. Other artists taking part are Kirsty Hall, Photography collective Wandering Bears and Lucy Phillips creator of the What Cannot Be Seen. The theme for the evening is about how artists use the Internet not only to show their work but also as part of it, a la “the medium is the message”. Continue reading

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Links to photographers mentioned in my talk “lomokev’s influences friends and heroes”

Below is a list of all the photographers / bullet points that I mentioned in my talk “lomokev’s influences friends and heroes” that I gave as is part of the MiniClick talk series at the Old Market Theatre. Even if you did hear the talk the list of links below should make for a good few hours of web surfing. It should also give you lots of people to add on Flickr, Tumbler and twitter. If you want to catch me talk I have two more planed for the future at the Margate Photography festival on Saturday the 13th of August and at the Crawley camera club Monday 21st November. The next MiniClick talk will be by Human Endeavour on Thursday 4th August more details can be found for that in this blog post on Clickclickjim’s website.

martin parr, fabon moharm and paul octavious

Martan Parr montage portrait on flickr Fabon Moharm portrait on flickr Paul OctaviousPaul Octavious portrait on flickr

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Texas here I come. yeeHa!

Its Phoot Camp time again and Pictory Mag recently announced 2011 attendees. If you don’t know what Phoot Camp is you can check out my previous posts about here and yours truly is in the line up again!

As part of 2011 application process potential Phoot campers had to submit a self portrait. I have been having a bit of a crazy time lately so only realized the deadline was 36 hours away after giving a talk in London! That evening and in the following morning (in golden hour loveliness) I set about shooting a few self self portraits. I shot 2 montage portraits on my Lomo LCA of my self witch are an evolution of my other montage portraits. A collage of different self portraits on different backgrounds and a 2 digital shots. I submitted the montage shot below but in hindsight think I prefer the topless one.

Check the shot I submitted and the ones I did not below. Click on the images below to be taken to the respective Flickr pages.

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Twestival 2011 lomokev charity goodie!

It’s Twestival time again! Twestival is an event where tweeters get together in different locations to have a party and raise some money for Charity. Tonight its Brightwest the Brighton event and like last year I am donating a prize that you can bid for in a charity auction.

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New MiniClick talks for 2011

A new series of MiniClick talks have started at Add the Colour in Brighton. Last week it was Erika Szostak who gave a talk. Instead of just talking about her work she spoke about the relationship between the photographic image and accompanying text. It’s quite often that you see an image and it might not mean much until you know about it’s context. It’s quite common to see great images posted on flickr and tumbler with no explanation of what they are about and I find it really frustrating. When ever I upload images I always give the images titles, tags and most of the time I will add a description if its needed.

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Swimming in the sea at Christmas

At 32 years of age this is the first white Christmas I have ever experienced. It’s a bit of a cliché but snow changes everything and for that reason you will see every man and his dog out with their camera. When the snow first started falling in Brighton a few weeks ago I was one of many who was out with their camera. What I really enjoy shooting in the snow are the members of Brighton swimming club, as they go for their morning dip (nothing can stop them).

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