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Help needed identify santas from the Brighton Christmas day swim 2005

This is a bit of a long shot but do you know, or will be able to pass this on, to anyone who might know the identity of the three santas who took part in the 2005 Brighton Christmas Day … Continue reading

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driSuit hands on review – waterproof case for the iPhone 4 / 4s

Photojojo recently sent me a few products to test out. The first item I had to use was driSuit; a waterproof iPhone case for the iPhone 4 / 4s. This is not the first waterproof case I’ve used with an iPhone but it is definitely miles ahead of anything I have used before. All images in the review apart from photos of the case where taken with an iPhone 4 in a driSuit and processed with Instagram.

driSuit under water

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Brighton swimming pictures used to promote Nouvelles Vagues exhibition at the Palais Da Tokyo in Paris

Three of my photographs of Brighton Swimming club have been used to promote Nouvelles Vagues (New Waves) at Palais De Tokyo. The images are not used in the exhibition itself, the usage was arranged months ago and by coincidence Samsung brought me out to Paris just at the right time to see the images in situ.

Palais Da Tokyo posters in Paris

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Upcoming lomokev events happening in Brighton, Munich and Manchester

I have a lot of talks, exhibitions and courses coming up in the next few months, well I actually have events booked up right until February 2013, but I want to highlight a few that are happening over the next few months. If you’re close either Brighton, Manchester or Munich read on.

Lomokev’s inspirations talk – Brighton – 15th August 7PM
Platform Exhibition – Brighton 22nd of August to 4th September
Daily Swim Talk – Brighton – 6th of September 6PM
BLAB Talk – Manchester – 10th September 6pm
Hot Shots photography course – Brighton – 22nd & 23rd of September
Casual snapper to published Author talk – Munich – 19th of October
Hot Shots photography course – Munich – 20th & 21st of October

lomokev speaking at BrightClick (Brighton University)

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Floating Memories talk at the Brighton Fishing Museum

The Floating Memories project was set up to archive and make accessible the past 150 years of the sporting and sea bathing heritage of Brighton Swimming Club, of which I am a member. Apart from cataloging and making sense of the immense archive of material, there are lots of upcoming events to help make the history come alive and create a narrative from the Club’s great story

maybe, mabye not? Continue reading

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Brighton Christmas Day Swim 2011

I am a sea bather, I swim in the sea all year round without a wetsuit in temperatures as low as 4°C (39°F) and have been doing this for the past 8 years. For the most part I go swimming with my fellow members of the Brighton swimming club at 7:30AM when no one else is around to see our cold water exploits. Once a year that changes, on Christmas day the swimming club swims at 11am when it is joined by a large number of none club members, as many as 100 people enter the water. It’s not just the extra company we have in the water, we are also watched by over a 1000 people who line the beach and the groynes. Many of the swimmers don fancy dress costumes which, combined with the large crowds, makes it a fantastic event to document. The only problem is that it’s a very challenging environment to shoot in. I take my photos from the water with my Nikonos V water proof camera.

average christmas day fun
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Local legends pictory show case

I have an image of my friend Dave in a new Pictroy show case called “Local Legends“. If you had to describe Dave in one word it would have to be legend. If you want to know why he is a legend check out the text that accompanies the image in the show case. You may recognise him as he appears in my Flickr stream multiple times.

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Swimming in the sea at Christmas

At 32 years of age this is the first white Christmas I have ever experienced. It’s a bit of a cliché but snow changes everything and for that reason you will see every man and his dog out with their camera. When the snow first started falling in Brighton a few weeks ago I was one of many who was out with their camera. What I really enjoy shooting in the snow are the members of Brighton swimming club, as they go for their morning dip (nothing can stop them).

brighton swimming club members Continue reading

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